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Can Bech opened its doors in 1981 under the care of the Bech family as a restaurant. One of its most famous dishes was homemade cottage cheese with figs of Empordà, a typical dessert made with sheep's milk fresh cheese with candied figs. The success of the candied figs was so great that the Bech family began to prepare and preserve them in glass jars to sell it to their customers.

This product was so successful that they began to sell it to the rest of the Catalan and Spanish territory and even to some European countries. Their line of products began to grow by introducing fruit preserves, jellies, chutneys and sauces. Each year Can Bech launches new products to satisfy its customers.

Can Bech has created this new range of five sweet sauces, 100% natural, designed for the perfect pairing with each category of cheese. We have selected the most exclusive nuts, fruits and spices, importing them from the five continents in order to achieve the perfect flavor to accompany fresh, unripened cheeses, washed rind or moldy rind cheeses, hard paste and blue cheeses.

An experience for the taste, a journey for the senses, a divine pairing.

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