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At a glance

Conserves Can Bech is a company dedicated to gastronomic tradition, offering a wide range of high quality products designed to bring vitality and color to your culinary ideas. We invite our customers to discover, play with and surprise themselves with the countless dishes that can be prepared using our products

Accompany pasta, prepare desserts, make vinaigrettes, sauces, canapes, cocktails, ice creams, serve meat or fish dishes, prepare salads, crepes, waffles... enjoy with toast, cereal derivatives, as well as serve with platters of cheese, different dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The wide range of Can Bech products goes with everything.

From Fontanilles, the cradle of the Empordà region, we offer our products in over 10 countries around the world. Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, China... are some of the countries that have put their trust in us.

Working small scale and in the area where we feel comfortable gives us the edge to address the world without losing the essence of what we do.

The origins of Can Bech

Can Bech opened its doors in 1981 under the care of the Bech family, but as a restaurant. One of its most famous dishes was homemade cottage cheese with figs of Empordà, a typical dessert made with sheep's milk fresh cheese with candied figs. The success of the candied figs was so great that the Bech family began to prepare and preserve them in glass jars to sell to their customers.

This product was so successful that they began to sell it in the rest of the Catalan and Spanish territory and even in some European countries.

Their line of products began to grow by introducing fruit preserves, jellies, chutneys, and sauces. Each year Can Bech launches new products to satisfy its customers.

The Empodrà region, The Navel of the World

From the very beginning Empordà - which comes from the Ancient Greek "Emporion" meaning “Commerce” -, has always been a land of exchange, a point of attraction of foreigners, and a cosmopolitan center. “The Empordà region is a trademark of weather,” as Josep Plà defined. But not only that, the Empordà region is also a trademark of scenery, culture, gastronomy and art. Our reference point is Empordà, and our inspiration, its colors.

Dalí, Duchamp, Capote, Ava Gardner, Chagall, Masson, Carmen Amaya, Ferran Adrià... are the names of just a few of the famous personalities that were once captivated by the magic of the Empordà region, many of them settling down for good here. Poets, painters, musicians, architects, chefs... and thousands of people from around the world have venerated its scenery, its sea, its cuisine, and its people. Everyone who has set foot on this land has felt that special "something" that the Empordà region has which cannot be explained.

Fontanilles, the birthplace of Can Bech

Fontanilles is a small village located deep in the Empordà region, with no more than 160 inhabitants, made up of a nucleus of stone houses and farms built around the sixteenth-nineteenth centuries, many of them established as second residences. The scenery of Fontanilles is unique due to its panoramic views of the endless fields of apple and peach trees that occupy the area. Fontanilles is surrounded by Gualta, Palau-Sator and Ullestret, three medieval centers of formidable beauty, and tourist attractions in the area.

Spain. Catalonia
Province of Girona
Baix Empordà region

From barcelona 144 km
From Girona 42 km

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